The Helping Hands Free Medical Clinic was established in 2003 under the umbrella of the Marion regional Healthcare System.  The services were primary care for patient ages 18 – 64.  These patients are usually indigent, uninsured and working poor (medically indigent).  The original staff was an all volunteer staff consisting of a physician, nurse, and an eligibility coordinator.



Clinic Operations

The Helping Hands Free Medical Clinic will operate under the 501 ( c ) 3 umbrella of Marion County Healthcare Foundation.  Volunteers will assist in staffing the clinic and will follow the guidelines of the South Carolina Free Clinic Association.  The clinics are protected under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997.

The number of patients served will be based on staff and volunteer availability.  New volunteers are always needed and welcome.  We are seeking people who can offer intelligent, compassionate and non-judgmental service to our patients; our patients are often medically indigent adults of diverse ethnicity.

Please contact clinic staff if you would like to become a volunteer physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, pharmacist, clerk, receptionist, social worker, or pharmacy technician.